Special projects allow for collaboration and cooperation within our membership, and an opportunity to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our members.

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CHEC National Forum
CHEC held our second National Forum for leaders in Christian higher education, May 25-27, 2015 at Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our theme, Faithful Student Formation: Shaping a New Generation, focused on student formation in all of its varying dimensions--intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional. The National Forum was also an opportunity to raise the profile of Christian higher education in Canada which we believe will have direct benefits for our member campuses.

Indigenous Peoples and Christian Higher Education: Next Steps: CHEC and NAIITS are pleased to offer a summary of a recent symposium which continued the dialogue begun last year at Booth University College, moving it toward action steps and planning. The focus was on the development of cooperative efforts to support Indigenous students on CHEC campuses, so they can pursue distinctive, academically rigorous, Biblically framed programs consistently respectful of Native worldviews, experiences, and unique educational requirements. Specifically, this symposium's intent was to develop new models of holistic, interdisciplinary, distributed education, including online and other blended learning formats that will enable CHEC institutions, to work toward providing more effective, self-guided Christian education for Indigenous Peoples. Click here to enter your programs and support for indigenous students.

Student Assessment Project: This project will assist CHEC colleges and universities with collecting and utilizing student satisfaction data. By participating, you will be able to better understand the satisfaction levels of your own students and how they compare with students at other CHEC member institutions, as well as with students nationally at other Canadian institutions. These data will inform your strategic planning activities and guide your retention initiatives.

Database Initiative: A database will establish a national profile of CHEC, our institutions, our graduates and their impact on Canadian society and the wider world.

Ontrak Procurement: CHEC members are invited to enter into an agreement with Ontrak Procurement Services. Ontrak negotiates the best value on a variety of food, beverage, service, equipment and supply vendors across the country. Ontrak has supply agreements with over 200 leading manufacturers.

Education Fairs: Christian University and College Fairs* provides you an opportunity to make personal connections to representatives from participating institutions. For more information visit our website.


*NACCAP created and sponsors the Christian College Fairs. The fairs are a service to students who are considering enrolment in Christian Colleges & Universities. NACCAP hosts over 125 Christian College Fairs across the US and Canada each year. You can see more information on their website here.



CHEC National Forum 2012

For Christ and His Kingdom: Inspiring a New Generation

James M. Houston (Author); Bruce Hindmarsh (Author) 

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Product Description

The first National Forum on Christian Higher Education took place at the King’s University College in Edmonton in May 2012. The theme for the forum was "For Christ and His Kingdom: Inspiring a New Generation." The opening and closing plenary addresses by Bruce Hindmarsh and Dr. James Houston, both from Regent College, served as bookends that provided the context for the forum and the other plenary sessions.
In this publication of their addresses, Dr. Hindmarsh presents the need for intellectual and spiritual integrity as essential to paradosis, the transmission of a living faith to the next generation, while Dr. Houston provides a compelling case for a fulsome theological understanding of the person in Christ as intrinsic to an authentic Christian education that avoids the reductionism of secular viewpoints.